why tarot for what is?

We are living in one of the most intense periods that the planet has ever seen. We are being invited like never before to open our eyes to what is in front of us: the realities of oppression, injustice, and trauma, the wild grief of climate change unfolding before our eyes. We are all being called upon to wake up, to come back home, to evolve in the midst of these huge, collective invitations.

We must ask ourselves: what place does a Tarot practice have in this world, or in these times? If we are being invited to evolve, the Tarot must come along with it, and I believe that it is ready to follow us. The old paradigm of fear based card interpretations is ready to be shifted and released. A new way is ready to be born, and it starts with this moment.

When we turn to the Tarot for the present moment, rather that the future, we open ourselves up to a world of support within these cards, a language that can assist us in being softer and more available to the world around us. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. The future is not fixed. We don’t know what will be, but we can lean on these cards to help us be with what IS. What Is is a key that will unlock any door. What Is is this moment, and this moment is all there is. There is no future. We are creating the most aligned future for ourselves, each other, and our planet in every moment that we choose to be awake to what is happening within us. I believe that the Tarot is a tool that can help us get there.