Tarot for what is SYLLABUS

This course is completely self-paced, for you to engage with on your own timeline.

All material and classes are pre-recorded, and are accompanied by a beautiful workbook, complete with additional teachings, Tarot prompts, bespoke Tarot spreads, and spaces for journalling. There are no “live” components to this course.

Enrollment opens on Monday, August 12th!

Tarot for what is: Redefining our relationship with the Tarot

In order to begin to work with our decks in this new way, we have to understand what Tarot is, what it isn’t, and what it means to redirect our attention to the present when we work with it. In the first part of this course, we will dive deeply into the concepts within Tarot for What Is with three hours of beautiful, pre-recorded audio and video lessons.

Topics covered:

  • How to utilize the Tarot as a tool for healing and self care

  • How to shift our understanding of Tarot from the future to this moment

  • How to consider each card in the Tarot as an invitation (rather than a signal of what is to be)

  • How to work with the challenging and unexpected in our decks and our lives

  • What the Tarot is (and what it isn’t)

  • Connecting with the Strength card as our guide and ally for this work, and much more.

being with what is: bringing the concepts into practice

In the second part of Tarot for What Is, we dive into the first fourteen cards of this five part course, exploring the ways that we can cultivate greater intimacy with these cards, and with our own emotional experiences. Participants will receive beautiful, in depth audio lessons for each of the fourteen cards, accompanied by workbooks, meditations and exercises to support them in these concepts and practices.

transformative rebirth with the tower

What happens when things in our life suddenly shift? A realization, a diagnosis, a discovery, an opportunity — all examples of sudden change, sometimes delightful, sometimes wholly unwanted. How do we stay with ourselves in these moments? How can we look to them as being for us, not to us? What support do we call upon? The Tower is an initiation, helping us to clear out what doesn’t serve, in order to make space for rebirth and renewal. In this lesson, we will explore The Tower through a new paradigm, reclaiming the medicine of this card as an expansive, helpful transformation, rather than a foreshadowing of disaster. Together, we will cultivate ways to trust and even welcome The Tower in our readings, opening the door to it as a helpful, magnificent ally around times of change and transition.


How do we show up for ourselves when we are healing, or in a time of processing? For some of us, healing can be intense and confronting. It can invite us into fear and impatience with our process. Healing journeys can also be beautiful. They can bring us closer to ourselves and closer to Spirit, transforming the direction of our lives. The Star offers us the gift of space and gentle regeneration. It invites us into an important stretch of time in which to heal and incubate, one that prepares us for the next cycle of our lives. In this lesson, we will explore ways to welcome The Star into our lives when it calls, surrendering to diving timing around our healing process.

spacious presence with Two of Swords

When the body calls, do we answer? Do we make regular visits to ourselves, especially in moments of contraction, discomfort, and confusion? Two of Swords is a beautiful, ever present ally and helper to those of us who desire to cultivate greater presence with ourselves. This card can guide us into safe ways of dropping in with the body, and strengthen our autonomy around boundaries and speaking our truth. In this lesson, we will dive deeply into Two of Swords, exploring ways to create more spaciousness in our connection with ourselves.

Trusting Ourselves with The Fool

In this course, we are exploring The Fool from a revolutionary lens: not as a leap, but a way of life. The Fool is the bridge back home to ourselves, the holiest teacher in the Tarot. When we align with The Fool, we live from our intuition, putting the ego in the backseat, allowing Spirit, and our knowing, to be our source of wisdom and direction. What would we do if we didn't worry about anyone not approving of us? Who would we be? How would we live our lives? In this lesson, we will explore what it means to leave the ground beneath us again and again through trusting ourselves — even in difficult moments.

trusting our knowing with The Hierophant

With The Fool, we are invited to trust ourselves from the deepest, most fundamental level. With The Hierophant, we are invited to explore our relationship to trusting our knowing. What is our relationship to teachers? To authority figures? To receiving approval? Do we seek out gurus and seemingly all knowing folks because we are uncomfortable with trusting our own knowing, tuning into what we believe? If that’s the case, how can we set ourselves free? In this lesson, we will explore ways to begin to listen to the whispers of our knowing, looking to The Hierophant as an ally for this work. The Hierophant invites us to become our own teachers, our own gurus, our own wise guides. To do so, we must begin to detangle our inherited beliefs, slowly opening to the wisdom that resides within us.

tending to our triggers with Three of Swords

How do we respond when we are triggered? Some of us lash out in anger and blame, some of freeze, some of us blame ourselves. Often, it’s a mixture of the three. In the emotional storm that gets kicked up from an expected activation or charge, very few of us remember to return home to our hearts, to hold space for the hurt, upset, bruised feelings that reside there. In this lesson, we will explore the ways in which Three of Swords can be a balm to the heart in moments of wounding, pain, and reactivity, cultivating transformative ways to pause in the midst of these experiences.

INTuitive expansion with The High Priestess

In today’s noisy culture of distraction and consumption, space and silence have become challenging to connect with. In this lesson, we will explore ways to deepen our intuition, and listen to the inner voice with The High Priestess as a guide and ally for this work. The High Priestess is the seat of wisdom that resides within all of us. When this card shows up as a teacher, it is asking us to sit at our own feet, reminding us that we have the answers that we seek within us. Intuition is a birthright, and a holy gift that all of us possess. We must make regular visits to the inner self to cultivate a deeper intimacy with that intuitive whisper. Together, we will dive into concrete ways to expand our connection to our inner guidance system, becoming familiar with what it is to deeply listen.

Setting down our Armor with Seven of Wands

When we feel defensive or hypervigilant, how do we respond? Do we fly into action or protection, before we’ve paused and checked in with what’s true? Do we shield ourselves against invisible forces, unsure of where the next attack will come from? Seven of Wands is an ally that we can call upon in these moments, one that we will explore together in this lesson. Any Seven in the Tarot is an invitation to do inner work around an external situation. With Seven of Wands, we are called into take an inventory around the cycles of shielding and guarding that are present in our everyday life. Sometimes, shielding is wisdom. In other situations, shielding can cut us off from fluidity and intimacy. It can close the heart in moments where we may deeply desire to stay open and trusting. Together, we will dive into the medicine of this card, and how we can bring a wise and gentle investigation to defended moments.

Investigating our Fears with Nine of Swords

Each fear based thought that we experience holds an invitation: do we believe this, or not? Are we available or unavailable to engage with this thought? Many of us do not realize we have a choice. The brain will think all kinds of thoughts, many of which are not actually true. Some of these untrue thoughts hold no charge for us. Others, especially upsetting or fearful thoughts, can hook us into a cycle of engagement with the brain. In order to determine the validity of a fear based we have to investigate it — often with anchors, resources, or support, even in the form of a trusted friend. Nine of Swords is the most magnificent ally to begin cultivating a practice of investigating our fears, determining whether or not they are true. When we begin to engage in this practice in a way that feels safe for us, our fears become our allies. Together, we will explore the many ways to begin this kind of practice, and how it can begin to transform our relationship with our thinking, one moment at a time.

The Unexpected Waves in Five of Cups

Allowing ourselves the space to feel and experience our grief is one of the deepest and most challenging opportunities available to us. Grief can be deeply painful to engage in. It can also bring us to the shores of wild joy and unexpected gratitude. Grief moves in a spiral, bringing unexpected waves to our door, often when we are least expecting them. How can we meet those moments with presence? How can we be with the squeezing, the loss, the heartbreak, without pushing it away? Together, we will explore ways to make space for grief, turning to Five of Cups as an ally for this work. In this lesson, we will look closely at the medicine this card brings, supporting participants in cultivating a deeper relationship with it, and themselves.

The Turning Point with Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands is a profoundly powerful clarion call around our energetic lifeforce. It invites us to consider who and what we are devoting our energy to, and more importantly, the empowered action we can take if we feel burned out, or overloaded. All of us have a turning point, a moment where we finally understand that we must begin to engage with our energy in a different way. For some of us, that might mean shifting the way we have been doing things, or asking for help and assistance — even a break. This can be confronting and scary, but if we are willing to ask for what we need and adjust our energetic output, it has the capacity to wildly transform and uplevel our lives. Together, we will explore the medicine of Ten of Wands, calling upon it as an ally for this work.

When Nothing is Clear with The Moon

When life feels unclear, and the road before us uncertain, how do we respond? Being present with the unknown can be very triggering. Many of us respond to these moments with panic, flinging ourselves into anything we can (even things that don’t support us) just to have a sense of familiarity. Learning to relax in times when nothing is clear is powerful work that we do over a lifetime. The Moon card is an ally and teacher that we can call in to help us to befriend the unknown, and cultivate a sense of peace when it feels like we are in the void. Together, we will explore the power of choice in The Moon card’s energy, and how we can begin to wisely respond to these moments by pausing, checking in, and aligning with the flow of timing in our lives.

These spiral bodies with Death

Other than birth and evolution, the experience and promise of death is one of the very few things that all living beings share with one another. Death is generally not something we like to think about or talk about, and yet it is where we are all traveling together. We all live in spiral bodies; bodies that grow from newborns, that we spend a whole lifetime with and within. These bodies do not follow straight lines. We move through sudden injury, illness, chronic pain, transitions, pleasures, and discoveries in these bodies, have doors that are locked and unlocked in these bodies, ever changing all the time. The Death card does not indicate physical death, but it does invite us to touch in with mystery, with transformation, and the raw, wild unknowns of this life. Embracing an intimacy with the Death card as an ally for being in a body that moves through the world spiralically can help us to rest in the inevitability of our humanness, helping us to open our eyes, and become more present with ourselves.

Honoring Thresholds with The Chariot

In this course, we are exploring The Chariot from a different perspective: not as a symbol of victory, but as a representation of the endless, beautiful thresholds that we walk through in this life. We move through countless Chariots in our lifetime, homes that hold us until we are ready to leave them behind. The Chariot is the placenta, our baby teeth, eggs, old shoes, identities, the gender some of us were born with, or even our name. All of nature understands the medicine of Chariots. They are anything that holds us, lovingly, knowing that it is the way of things for us to grow out of them. Are we honoring the Chariots in our lives? In this lesson, we will explore The Chariot through this lens, calling upon it as an ally for this powerful and important work. Reclaiming the ceremony around the specific thresholds of our lives is one of the deepest gifts we can give ourselves. Together, we will dive deeply into cultivating a deeper intimacy with this practice.