There are no refunds for the course for any reason, and payment plans cannot be cancelled, once initiated. Signing up is a binding contract to be billed for the material. Please deeply consider your needs before signing up for this course!


By taking this course, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines, which are in place to support the integrity of the group container and also for the safety and care for every participant.


The learning in this space is collaborative. While I am teaching the course material, we want to be clear that we are all the experts of our own intuitive practices.

Whether you consider yourself a complete beginner with the Tarot, a well-seasoned practitioner or somewhere in between, this space is for you. No matter your comfort or level with this material, you have your whole life's worth of experience to provide and we're here for experimentation, not "getting it right."

We wholeheartedly encourage you to use this as an opportunity to inquire deeply of yourself and each other and also comment to the best of your abilities.


Everything you share in the private unmoderated community course group remains confidential between you, me and the course participants. By participating, you agree to hold course materials and participant communications confidential.

By engaging in the course and the community group, you agree to keep the posts private, to never share anything that is written and shared there. We ask that you also agree to engage in respectful communication with one another.


It is a bummer to say this, but we do have to: please do not claim that the materials provided in this course are yours without credit to where you learned and received them. Please do not share this material with anyone who has not invested in it. To be explicit: use and absorb everything that is being offered to you, infuse it into your practice, and give proper credit when needed. Do not lift the material and teach it as your own. It is important for each of us to recognize and respectfully acknowledge the lineage of our learning, which I try to do in all of my work as well wherever teachings have come to me from elsewhere. Thank you so much for helping to keep the ethics and integrity high. It is appreciated beyond expression. If you have questions about any of this, please email us at!


It is my highest priority and commitment that this course be a safe and inclusive space for all participants. This intention of safety and inclusivity encompasses not only the classes, workbook, and bonus materials for the course, but the private unmoderated community group. Any kind of intolerance will not be permitted.

We are different people occupying the same space, exploring the medicine of the Tarot, and I encourage everyone to be intentional with their language. I ask for everyone’s respect of one another.

I am here to hold a space of firm, visible, and clear allyship, and one that will be safe for anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class and identity. If any aspect of the course material or interactions with other students feels uninclusive, or in some way harmful, we will publicly acknowledge our mistakes, make changes for future courses or privately speak to anyone who may be infringing on our shared group agreements.


This is not a therapeutic course. I am not a therapist or medical professional, and this course is not a substitute for therapy, professional mental care, and does not claim or intend to fix, treat, diagnose or heal. Tarot for What Is is a supportive guidepost on including the Tarot as one of the many anchoring tools in our toolbox of self resourcing in the journey of processing and unraveling wounds within ourselves. It is also here to invite participants to look at the cards in a different way. It is our intention that this material can assist you on the path of your self care, and in the deepening of your Tarot practice.

In light of the fact that we are exploring the landscapes of grief, pain and wounding (among many other things), we invite you to please go at your pace with this material. The material is presented from a trauma informed perspective in order to minimize triggering, but if you are in a very sensitive, tender, triggered season of your life, it is absolutely appropriate (and an act of deep loving care to the self) to take your time in listening to certain lessons. This course is yours to keep forever, so there is no rush. Please be gentle with yourself, and trust your inner knowing, your body, and your timing.