WHAT’S INCLUDED in Tarot for What is

Over 20 hours of beautiful, comprehensive pre-recorded audio and video modules on how to begin to read Tarot for presence and evolution, as well as in-depth, integrative lessons on each of the 14 cards in this journey.

Gorgeous PDF workbooks for each of the lessons of the course, packed with information on the cards, sections for note taking, bespoke Tarot spreads, journal prompts, and resources around the topics that we are discussing.

Meditations and exercises for support around the card lessons and topics

Access to a private, unmoderated community group on its own dedicated platform to connect, learn and commune with with your fellow participants. This is an optional space if you’d like to deepen your learning with others. Choose how much or how little to engage with the material and the community.

Subtitles/closed captioning are available for all audio/visual content, and transcription accompanies all audio lessons.