If you still have questions for our team after reading the FAQ page, please email us at!

What are the dates of the course?

Enrollment opens August 12th, and material for the course drops on September 13th! Enrollment for the course will remain open indefinitely.

How much is Tarot for What Is?

The investment for the course at the early rate is $197, and will go up to $222 on September 20th. There are payment plans, scholarships, and sponsorship opportunities available for folx of all income levels to participate.

When do scholarship applications become available?

Applications for scholarships are available on August 5th, 2019 and close on August 12th, 2019. Scholarship recipients will be chosen on August 19th, and all applicants will be notified whether they’ve received a spot.

When does enrollment close for this course?

Never! This course will stay open for enrollment. If the timing doesn’t feel right for you to join, you will still have the opportunity to do so at a later date. However, the early price for enrollment will only be available until September 20th.

Will this course be as effective as learning live, or in person?

I believe so! With pre-recorded audio and video, you get to flow and learn at your pace. They provide the ability to study and absorb the information at a pace that feels aligned for you. I specifically choose not to do this course "live," so you can engage with the material in the way that supports you best.

That said, only you can know how you best learn. If an online platform isn’t for you, then this course is not for you.

Is there a timeframe that I have to complete the course?

Nope. You can go through the material at whatever pace feels best. The course is yours to keep forever, and you are welcome to watch the videos anytime you like. 

Do we get access to the class materials after the course? 

Yes! All class materials are yours to keep forever. 

After I take your class, can I begin to offer the material you teach in readings and classes? 

No and yes. You are welcome to use this work as a foundation to your learning, to let it infuse into your knowing and provide you with a gateway to your own teachings. However, you may not lift, use, or claim that the work provided in this course is your own without credit to where you learned it. 

I'm looking for theory on every card in the Tarot and the logistics of giving readings. Will that be covered here? 

It won’t be covered here, but my other course, Tarot for the Wild Soul, is where you can learn soul-centered interpretations for every card. Both courses are valuable partners for your learning, this one will just cover more of the emotional skill building and less of the overarching theory in every card.

What if I am using a different deck from the one you are teaching with? Does it matter what deck I use for this course? 

You may use any deck you like for this course!

I am totally brand new to Tarot, and know absolutely nothing. Will this course be right for me? 

If you are seeking a way to understand how to use the Tarot for healing, presence and evolution, absolutely yes! Tarot for What Is provides emotional tools and building blocks for greater self-reliance. Those skills can be learned and applied either before or after you learn specific theory and interpretations with the Tarot. This course does not cover the fundamentals of Tarot in the same individualized way that my other course, Tarot for the Wild Soul, does, but we will cover a very basic framework of the Tarot in this course.

I have been practicing Tarot for years. Will this course offer me anything new? 

I believe it will. I am very proud to be a teacher who serves other readers and teachers. I teach Tarot in a way that is very unique, and this especially is more about expanding your capacity for emotional space holding and caretaking than anything else. It is Tarot for the soul, and many of the interpretations and treatments of the cards that I teach are different from anyone else. You will most certainly gain new information and skills from this course, even if you are a seasoned professional!

How can I connect with other students? 

There is a private, unmoderated community connection page for students to engage in on Mighty Networks. Our community groups are generally a deep, rich highlight for students in past courses, and so many friendships and soul connections can be made. I will not be in there, but you will have beautiful support from your fellow students. The community space is for enriching your understanding of the material with other students, but does not include my specific attention and involvement.

Are there scholarships available? 

Yes! Scholarship applications open on August 5th and close on August 12th. Scholarship recipients will be chosen on August 19th, and all applicants will be notified whether they’ve received a spot. Click here for more information or to apply.

Can I sponsor someone's tuition or purchase of a deck?

Hell yes!! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! If you're currently feeling blessed with financial abundance, please consider donating any amount to the Soul Tarot Scholarship fund. You may also sponsor someone to participate in the course who could not afford it without your contribution.

Your contribution will help make courses accessible to more individuals from all circumstances and backgrounds, and will help folks receive a deck for this course who cannot afford one.

Are there discounts available? 

There is an early discounted rate available until September 20th. After that date, there are no discounts available for the course. We have created a very generous payment plan to hopefully create more ease in affordability.

Can I share your course material with a friend? 

No, you may not share any materials provided to you in this course (other than your answers to the questions in the workbook) with any person who has not paid for it. Out of respect for me, my work, my time, and any person creating something from their heart and soul, please do not share this with anyone who has not paid for it. 

Do you offer refunds? 

There are no refunds for any reason. Payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated.

Can I listen to the audio content, or watch the videos offline? 

Yes! All class materials are downloadable — once you download the videos, they are totally watchable offline. Please note that the material is compressed but still

Are closed captioning and transcribed notes available?

Yes! There is closed captioning and transcription for every video, and accompanying transcription for every piece of audio.

What is the format of the workbook? Can it be printed?

The workbook is a downloadable, editable PDF with fill-in spaces, so you can write out answers on your computer. It is possible to print out the workbook. Some past participants have done that and even gotten it bound. The workbook is quite large, so you'll know what will suit you, your learning and your budget best.

How does the payment plan work? 

You sign up for the payment plan when you sign up for the course. You will be charged the first payment when you sign up (payment one), and then your subsequent payments will be automatically debited every month after that, depending on the payment plan you choose.

Can I gift the course to someone I love?

How thoughtful and generous you are! The easiest way to gift Tarot for What Is to your friend/family member/lover/partner/boo is to sign up with their name, their email and your credit card information. If you've like to surprise them on a certain day (while enrollment is open), simply wait to sign up on that day! Email if you have questions about this process.

Will this course always be available?

For now, yes! I specifically created this course to stay open for enrollment on my site so it could be used for self support at any time. That said, all of my offerings are completely led by Spirit, and sometimes shifts do happen that ask me to makes changes to my offerings.