Tarot for What Is is an integrative online Tarot immersion for presence, healing and evolution, taught by Lindsay Mack. It is here to offer participants an opportunity to learn how to read Tarot for the present moment, and everything that arises within it.

This course is a pre-recorded, self paced deep dive journey through 14 cards of the Tarot, viewing them as teachers and allies that can help us be present with ourselves during difficult moments. Participants will receive over 20 hours of in depth audio and video material, gorgeous, comprehensive PDF workbooks to support the concepts and theories discussed in this course, meditations and exercises to seal in the material, and access to an unmoderated community connection board. All materials will be yours to keep forever. To drop into the syllabus for the course, click here.

This course is designed to take any level of Tarot practitioner into a deeper intimacy with themselves and their understanding of the Tarot. It is a space in which to consider the Tarot from a totally different perspective, opening your heart to your own unique interpretations and experiences with these cards. This is about not just doing Tarot, but living Tarot. It's your chance to go deeper with the way you approach your deck, transforming your practice to one that can live in present moment with you.

The material shared in this program has been crafted and channeled by Lindsay and is a weaving of her 20+ years of dedicated study of the Tarot, channeled wisdom from her guides, and her healing journey through childhood abuse, PTSD, chronic illness and pain. To read more about what inspired this course, click here.

Wherever you are in your practice, from beginner to seasoned professional, there is medicine here for you to blend into your individual healing journey. If you are called to this sacred material, and to this wild journey, trust your heart. Heed the call. All you need is a Tarot deck. 

Enrollment opens on August 12th, and material drops on September 13th.